The AI assistant for

Chat to make fantastic forms, buttons, landing pages and much more. See your creations in real time.

We are in early beta. Join the waitlist now for  free  beta access:

Talk through your design ideas, as we pump out those utility-classes.

Here are some examples. This is from an early alpha version, we are continually improving it!


Edit while you chat

You can edit the HTML, then carry on the conversation. Some tweaks are better done by humans, after all.

Up To Speed With Great Components

Make use of the best free components from tailwindui, shadcn, flowbite, daisyui and more.

I Know Some SVG Too!

The AI is tuned for Tailwind, but it doesn't mean it can't help with other stuff while you are there. It helped design our logo!

It's Your Code

Whatever it produces is yours to use, we won't require a license. (Where a component library has been used we will tell you.

Monaco Code Editor

Decent code editor so you don't need to leave the browset to fiddle.

Undo, Back, Save

Fip through previous designs. Go back if the conversation takes the wrong turn. Save your chats for later.


Our AI streams. We avoid using API's like assistant that don't support it.

AI Provide Agnostic

We are starting with OpenAI, but our code will eventually support others. We are not married to any particular GPT.